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Tuesday, August 28th, 2007 | Internet, SEO

Great News Blog – SEO/Search Engine Optimization become popular this day! With over 50 million websites and around 400 million people searching the internet across the world, meticulous planning of the words and phrases on your website is critical for your website to be seen. Search engine optimization is the art of understanding the way search engines work, what they look for and how best to serve the information they need while maintaining an informative and easy to read website.

Getting it right in every search engine is very difficult. The key is to keep it simple, stick to the fundamentals and avoid the scams and tricks that are so prevalent on the internet. Don’t get sucked into this – it will end in disaster for you as your sites’ rank is dropped, or even worse, blacklisted.
What are search engines and how do they work?

A search engine is quite simply a website that helps you search the web. From the surfer’s view, they have a search box and a click to make. But, behind the scenes, is an extremely complex piece of software that pattern matches your key phrase with its database and then sorts the results in order of rank. And, who decides all this? Well they are known as the “search engine corporations” – organizations such as Google, Yahoo and Ask Jeeves to name but a few.

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