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Tiara Lestari, Indonesian Playboy Magazine Model

Monday, January 7th, 2008 | Sexy Model

In World Wide Web internet, there are many talk about this girl, Tiara Lestari. it is because of this pretty young girl is a model for Playboy and others Man Magazine. This is a simple describe her. enjoy it..

I am originally from Indonesia. Formerly residing in Singapore, I am now firmly back in my own beloved country. Modeling has been my passion and profession. My journey as a model has taken me to the cover of Playboy Magazine in a far away land and right in the center of a national controversy. It plunged me into depth of humility without prejudice or guilt. It guides me to see through changes, places and faces. Through it all, I understand that life itself is full of surprises that neither reason, nor logic can comprehend. It certainly has been a journey filled with joy and turbulence. It is a journey from sensuality to elegance. Welcome to my life.

tiara lestari, originally uploaded by adi_ud.


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