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The Great iPhone Clones Meizu M8

Thursday, June 5th, 2008 | Gadget, Hand phone, New Release

The Great iPhone Clones Meizu M8 While people are queuing and waiting in long list for an Apple iPhone, the Chinese Meizu had it’s striking appearance of almost the same-featured iPhone. That’s a Meizu M8 Phone. The Meizu M8 has the look and feel as an iPhone. Although people are going to but the iPhone they’ll have to think back after seeing this small rather big in use gadgets.Meizu had been around before Apple and they are known for their gadgets. Now with a sleek and rather humble they had announced the M8 as a gadget that will fit all the customer needs.

Although this is Meizu entered the mobile phone industry in the first, but it appears appetite is not small, iPhone using Mac systems, M8 said with it’s Win CE 6.0 operating system, ARM processor hardware II + Video decoder (support 720 × 480 pixel video recording of 30). To a mobile phone equipped with a special decoder, it seems Meizu M8 for the positioning, not just music, but also stressed the Video Player. Not all mobile phones has a unique touch of CODECS that allows many features, one who knows codes will fall in for this gadget’s as well.

The Great iPhone Clones Meizu M8 The major different between Meizu and iPhone are:

The Great iPhone Clones Meizu M8

The Meizu M8 is planned to be released on December 2007. But Apple iPhone was release earlier so that they’ll get all the market for it. But a wise customer will see it difference’s in no time.

The price also seems to be rather affordable.
Apple iPhone
4Gb = $ 499.00
8Gb = $ 599.00

Meizu M8 Official Pricing
Entry : 1499 CNY for 4GB, 2199 CNY for 8GB
Standard: 2380 CNY for 4GB, 3080 CNY for 8GB

Two different products with it’s own feature’s. As a user be on the look out always because there’s always a new gadget’s around.

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