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From Wiimote to GoLive2 Stix

Monday, August 11th, 2008 | Computer, Games

From Wiimote to GoLive2 StixGreat News – GoLive2, independent division games Playhut, a clone of Wiimote and called Stix. It is a number of wireless, Motion-Sensing, Touch-Screen-controller for PC games and the Internet, with the player to interact with online games and a regular PC games with games for Windows badge.

Stix 200 and 400 controllers at the entrance August. According to Brian Zheng, president, Playhut, Stix will completely change, as human beings experience online and PC games. In the case of purchase, Stix be compatible with thousands of free online games and retailing, and we relied on that list each day.

Endless fun with Stix, and the wide range of free, supported Reading makes the product ideal for each family member. Stix 200 offers room for casual players, with the support online games and 2D and Stix 400 allows players who are ignored the mouse and keyboard for PC games.

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