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PlayStation 3 Winer sales than Xbox 360 sales

Thursday, August 28th, 2008 | Games

Great News Blog – Since the advent of the market consoles Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 between them was heated struggle for the consumer. Due to the rather substantial and well-formed selection of games from Microsoft attempting managed to hold leading positions in his native region – the U.S., but recently Sony begins to actively displace its competitor. Recently, became officially known that the PlayStation 3 has finally been outstripped sales Xbox 360.

Based on data from NPD, for July 2008 in the region has sold over 225 thousand PlayStation 3, PSP 222 thousand and 205 thousand Xbox 360. These indicators merknut compared with the results of Nintendo. During the same month the Japanese company has managed to sell 608 thousand U.S. DS Lite handheld consoles and 555 thousand units stations Wii.

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