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A handwriting recognition software for pocket PCs, DioPen 7.0 from DIOTEK

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 | Computer, Gadget, Hand phone, Software

DIOTEK, Korean mobile software developer has announced the release of its handwriting recognition software ‘DioPen 7.0′ designed for Windows Mobile devices such as touchscreen smartphone and pocket PCs.

The DioPen in version 7.0 recognizes handwritten Korean, English cursive and alpha-numeric and also provides software keyboards in the package.
A handwriting recognition software for pocket PCs, DioPen 7.0 from DIOTEK
It also has Korean and English word recommending function that provides word candidates when user starts a word input so sentences can be completed more quickly without having to type in full words. Moreover, with support of anti-aliasing, DioPen 7.0 provides a much better writing experience.

DioPen offers Korean input and output functions for writing emails, taking memos, sending text messages and reading Korean documents on devices not running a Korean operating system. DioPen can be helpful for Korean residents and students living and studying abroad as well as foreigners studying Korean language.

The DioPen handwriting recognition solution has been preloaded onto touchscreen mobile phones and Smartphones from various vendors including Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, and HTC. For the past several years, DioPen has been recognized around the world for its superior and stable performance.

DIOTEK’s handwriting recognition solution supports more than 70 languages around the world including English, Chinese, Japanese and European languages.

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