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Samsung voice recorder featuring VoicePix function

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009 | Gadget, Recorder

Samsung Electronics officially announced the launch of its latest voice recorder YP-VP1 in Korea market, which features VoicePix function that allows you to give photos a voice tag.

Equipped with a built-in digital camera, the YP-VP1 can tag the recorded voice with a photo by using the VoicePix that is useful for searching a specific item later on.

Samsung voice recorder featuring VoicePix function

Coming with two versions; 2GB and 4GB, the Samsung YP-VP1 voice recorder features a directional mic that records up to 30 hours in 192kbps of max quality and provides MP3/WMA playback for up to 50 hours.

Measuring 34.7×109.6x15mm at 60.6g, it also supports a FM tuner, 1.1-inch color LCD, line-in, MP3 and WMA files. Suggested price is 169,000(KRW) for 2GB and 199,000(KRW) for 4GB.

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