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The New Samsung ST550, Samsung ST500, and Samsung ST1000 Digital Cameras

Thursday, August 20th, 2009 | Camera, Gadget

The New Samsung ST550, Samsung ST500, and Samsung ST1000 Digital Cameras – Samsung Digital Imaging unveiled ‘ST550′, ‘ST500′ and ‘ST1000′, the very latest additions to its camera portfolio.
The New Samsung ST550, Samsung ST500, and Samsung ST1000 Digital Cameras

These three new compact devices are highlighted by innovative new features, groundbreaking technology, ease of use and design.

Delivering twice the fun of any other compact digital camera, Samsung’s innovative ST550 and ST500 truly put the photographer in the picture. The ST550 and ST500 feature Dual LCDs with one on the front of the camera and another one on the back.

Embracing the latest consumer trends, Samsung’s new ST1000 provides unprecedented connectivity as it incorporates geo-tagging, Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi* connectivity and DLNA compatibility, giving social networkers the ability to share their images while on the move and breaking the confines of uploading and sharing content in the traditional way.

The New Samsung ST550, Samsung ST500, and Samsung ST1000 Digital Cameras

(Samsung ST550)

The Samsung ST550 and ST500 bring the latest in compact camera innovation to consumers with Dual LCD screens on the front and back, offering twice the fun of any camera and allowing the user to take photographs they simply couldn’t take before.

The growing popularity of social networking sites has given rise to the self-portrait or profile picture with many consumers turning their digital camera on themselves to become the subject of their photo.

The New Samsung ST550, Samsung ST500, and Samsung ST1000 Digital Cameras

(Samsung ST500)

The 1.5-inch LCD now on the front of the ST550 and ST500 allows consumers to take these self-portraits and profile pictures with ease, showing the user exactly what the picture will look like, enabling the desired result every time. Incorporating a 3.5-inch wide, 1,152K resolution touch-screen LCD, the ST550 delivers one of the highest resolution screens available on a digital camera.

Complementing this is a 12.2 mega-pixel CCD and 27mm wide-angle Schneider KREIZNACH lens with 4.6x optical zoom, allowing a wider shooting range from a shorter distance, and producing clear, clean images with balanced resolution from the center of the image to the edges.

Another innovation found on the ST550 and ST500 is Samsung’s new powerful Smart Gesture User Interface (UI) with a built-in Gravity sensor. Once the camera is on, a simple tap on the front LCD turns it on and the camera is automatically set into self portrait mode with smile detection.

This means if users want to take a self portrait, they only need to tap and smile and the picture will be taken automatically. Teamed with innovative Samsung technologies such as Smile Shot, Smart Face Recognition and Smart Auto, users are given the ability to take the perfect image with ease.

The New Samsung ST550, Samsung ST500, and Samsung ST1000 Digital Cameras

(Samsung ST1000)

With the ability to capture and share photo memories on the move, the Samsung ST1000 allows users to truly connect with family and friends. Packed full of innovation and encased in a sleek compact frame, the ST1000 incorporates an unprecedented combination of geo-tagging technology, Bluetooth 2.0, DLNA compatibility, and Wi-Fi connectivity options.

The camera’s wireless functionality enables users to send and post pictures almost as quickly as they take them, while its GPS capabilities keep track of where users travel, giving them the ability to manage their images intelligently with geographical location data embedded directly into each corresponding EXIF file. With the increasing importance of content sharing for consumers, the ST1000 provides an unrivalled experience and is a great way to keep one’s network of friends and family in the know.

The ST1000′s built-in geo-tagging allows users to record the details of the location and time the image was taken. Bluetooth 2.0 allows images to be distributed wirelessly to supporting devices such as mobile telephones, and Wi-Fi means that users can now email photos directly from their camera and upload their photos or videos to popular social networking websites, including Facebook, Picasa, and YouTube. The camera’s DLNA compatibility also allows it to wirelessly connect to another DLNA compatible device, such as an HDTV, within a user’s networked home to view and share their precious moments.

Introduced to the world via a series of themed events in New York, Beijing, Bangkok, London and Seoul, the ST550, ST500 and ST1000 will be available to consumers from August 2009.

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