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Sony Walkman NWZ-S740 Video MP3 Player

Thursday, November 19th, 2009 | Gadget, Media Player

Sony Walkman NWZ-S740 Video MP3 Player – Sony Korea launches Walkman NWZ-S740 series, a new noise-cancelling video MP3 player that features a language learning mode and advanced Clear Audio Technologies.

Sony Walkman NWZ-S740 Video MP3 Player

Boasting a slim Walkman chassis with an extended battery life of up to 42 hours of music and 10 hours of video, the Walkman is perfect for active users constantly on the go.

The new Walkman series features the new Language Learning mode, making mastering a foreign language easier. Within the Language Learning mode, the A-B repeat function allows convenient playback of desired sections of audio books, while the Quick Replay function reverses audio tracks in 3-second intervals with a push of the button.

In addition, DPC Speed Control allows tracks to be played at various speeds, such as half the normal speed or twice the normal speed, without affecting audio tonality so users can focus on how foreign pronunciations are made.

Bundled with new noise-cancelling headphones, its improved noise-cancelling system features a vertical orientation that effectively reduces approximately 90% of ambient noise, so music can be enjoyed even in busy environments such as on trains and airplanes without needing to turn up the volume. Targeted at music enthusiasts and business travellers, the Walkman S740 series delivers noise-free audio and video playback through five advanced Clear Audio Technologies. With functions such as Noise Cancelling, Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE), Clear Stereo and Clear Bass, the Walkman NWZ-S740 improves audio playback with natural, crisp sound reproduction.

One of the slimmest Walkman players available to date, the Walkman NWZ-S740 is compact and easy to carry around. Available in a sleek, black metallic finish – it also delivers excellent colour reproduction and high definition video thanks to a large 2.0-inch QVGA LCD display for comfortable movie viewing.

Compatible with popular music and video file formats such as MP3, WMA, AAC-LC, Linear PCM, AVC (H.264), MPEG4 and WMV9, the Walkman NWZ-S740 comes in 8GB and 16GB storage capacities. Suggested price is 219,000(KRW) for 8GB model(NWZ-S744) and 269,000(KRW) for 16GB model(NWZ-S745).

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