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Samsung Think Master 90 Series LED Monitor

Monday, August 9th, 2010 | Gadget, LCD TV

Samsung Think Master 90 Series LED Monitor – Wait on August 4th 2010, Samsung Electronics will release Samsung Thinkmaster 90 Series (FX2490HD) its TV / LED monitor.

Samsung Think Master 90 Series LED Monitor

Highly notable aspects of the product is “Quad” is a 61cm (24in) screen that is being released in the market for the first time, and the “Magic Angle” that allows the same viewing quality regardless of the perspective angle and position of the viewer.

Furthermore, PIP (Picture in Picture) works even during Internet use or while running other business-related task, and Content Share function allows video or file to play and be viewed on the monitor without having to switch on the computer. Retail price is 549,000 won.

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