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Olympus New Compact Cameras 2011

Friday, April 22nd, 2011 | Camera, Gadget

Olympus introduce new 2011 compact camera at the PHOTO & IMAGING 2011(P&I 2011) events held at COEX, Seoul, Korea on April 21~24 2011.

Olympus New Compact Cameras 2011

The new Olympus camera includes total 13 models; 5 high-end cameras including follow-up model of SP series, a byword for high-magnification camera, | SZ-30MR | SZ-20 | SZ-10 | SP-610UZ | XZ-1, 2 outdoor cameras with stronger waterproof, warm-keeping, dustproof, and mothproof functions | TG-810 | TG-310 and 6 compact cameras, with slim designs and more colorful exterior, | VR-320 | VR-310 | VG-140 | VG-130 | VG-120 | VG-110. aving

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